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Deer Antler Spray

Every so often a new type of supplement comes along that takes the fitness industry by storm. Currently, that supplement is deer antler spray. Deer antler spray is an oral spray that contains antler velvet collected from the antlers of male deer. Antler velvet is high in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The most important of these nutrients is a compound known as insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1).

IGF-1 is a protein hormone that stimulates rapid cell division and causes deer antlers to grow at an impressive rate. Of all mammal bones, antlers grow the fastest. However, deer are not the only mammals to produce IGF-1. This compound is also created in the human liver when stimulated by the human growth hormone (HGH). To take advantage of IGF-1's power, scientists have found a way to humanely collect antler velvet and offer it in spray form without compromising the quality of its active compounds.

Is Deer Antler Spray Worth the Hype?

Deer antler velvet spray is a safe and effective way to increase IGF-1 levels without a prescription. IGF-1 impacts almost every area of the human body, including the bones, liver, kidneys, skeletal muscles, lungs, cartilage, nerves and immune system cells. The hormone impacts those areas by stimulating cell growth, supporting DNA synthesis and preventing cell death.

Due to these benefits, deer antler sprays have become especially popular among athletes and bodybuilders. In adults, IGF-1 increases metabolic function, decreases body fat and increases lean muscle mass. Not only will athletes enjoy a leaner, more muscular physique, but also they will enjoy more strength, energy and endurance in the gym.

In addition to increasing growth, IGF-1 also supports immunity, prevents joint injuries and supports the body's natural ability to repair injured tissue. Athletes who increase their supply of IGF-1 will be able to increase the intensity of their training without being forced to increase their recovery times. This should help athletes improve their physical condition at a much faster rate.

How Deer Antler Spray Works?

Deer antler spray contains bioactive IGF-1 that acts like naturally-produced IGF-1 when consumed by human adults. Using a deer antler supplement increases a person's supply of IGF-1 without depending on HGH to trigger its release. This allows athletes to provide their bodies with the compounds they need to directly stimulate results.

The benefit of supplementing IGF-1 instead of HGH is that HGH only stays in the bloodstream for a few minutes. In the bloodstream, HGH has just enough time to travel to the liver and trigger the production of other growth factors. IGF-1, on the other hand, lasts much longer. This hormone travels through the bloodstream triggering cell regeneration and growth in almost every bodily tissue.

To enjoy the full benefits of IGF-1, researchers have developed a product known as AntlerX. AntlerX is a deer antler spray that contains highly concentrated antler velvet as well as amino acids, minerals and tribulus terrestris, a natural testosterone booster. Together these ingredients stimulate powerful muscle building, fat loss and cell regeneration, making it a popular supplement among adult athletes.

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