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IGF-1 Booster

Building muscle takes time, patience and dedication. Athletes who want to increase their lean muscle mass must consume a healthy diet and spend hours pushing themselves at the gym. Still, sometimes diet and exercise falls short. This leaves athletes looking for a supplement to increase their metabolism, stimulate protein synthesis and help them build lean skeletal muscle.

As medical research advances, scientists continue to discover the importance of different human growth factors. One of the most important growth factors is insulin-like growth factor 1, or IGF-1. IGF-1 is a protein hormone that is produced in the liver in response to human growth hormone, or HGH. To gain lean muscle mass and improve overall body composition, many athletes are now using an IGF-1 booster.

Why Choose an IGF-1 Booster over other Supplements?

An IGF-1 booster is a supplement that naturally increases the body's supply of IGF-1. In the past, athletes used HGH supplements to stimulate the production of IGF-1. While this is indirectly effective, taking an IGF-1 boosting supplement will directly boost IGF-1 and produce the results athletes seek out.

This isn't to say that HGH boosters are not effective. HGH is a supplement that stimulates the release of different growth factors, including IGF-1. However, because IGF-1 has a longer half-life, more athletes are choosing to supplement this hormone over other options. IGF-1 also boosts the effectiveness of HGH, giving athletes the greatest overall benefit.

The Benefits of Using an IGF-1 Booster

The benefits of IGF-1 are very similar to the benefits of HGH. IGF-1 is known to stimulate the metabolism, enhance physical strength, increase aerobic endurance, support muscle recovery, increase muscle mass and support tissue regeneration. IGF-1 has also been found to provide extra energy, facilitate fat loss and improve immune system function.

For athletes who have been struggling to increase muscle mass, IGF-1 boosters can make all the difference. These supplements are designed to reverse the effects of aging, help athletes break through plateaus and allow athletes to advance their athletic abilities. Because IGF-1 stimulates cell regeneration, many adults also notice an improvement in their skin tone and elasticity.

Will an IGF-1 Booster Actually Work?

There are two important things that athletes must consider when choosing an IGF-1 booster: delivery and quality. IGF-1 is most effective when directly absorbed into the bloodstream. Capsules, powders and drinks are typically less effective since they must be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, which will digest the hormone. For optimal delivery, look for sprays that can easily reach the bloodstream through the oral tissue.

Quality is another important factor when it comes to boosting IGF-1. Non-prescription IGF-1 must be derived from a natural source. One of the most readily available sources of IGF-1 is deer antler velvet, which is a spongy coating that grows on the antlers of male deer. Quality will depend on the health of the deer, whether the deer are farmed and the purity of the antler velvet.

One supplement that is known for its purity and quality is AntlerX. AntlerX contains deer antler velvet derived from the antlers of farm-raised New Zealand red deer. This supplement contains pure antler velvet at a potency of 100 milligrams per serving. To maximize the potency of IGF-1, AntlerX also contains muscle-building amino acids, zinc, niacin and testosterone-boosting tribulus terrestris. For powerful results, an increasing number of athletes are turning to AntlerX to boost their metabolism, muscle mass and athletic performance.

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